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Once you are successfully logged in to the Student Portal in SMS, please check your Profile information. In the top left corner of the Student Portal, under System Dashboard click on My Profile

Review and make sure the information is up to date. Further student services will be offered based on the information here. This includes making adjustments for housing needs; suggestions of further courses will be done based on the language settings you set on this page.


  • Use only Latin in all the fields (especially names)
  • Use only English for text (address, special limitations fields)
  • Do not use Latin script for Cyrillic words, for example, “Biblioteka imenny Pushkina”, find the English translation – Pushkin Library; Or “hoju s pomoshiu trosty”, but use English translation – I use a walking stick.

Your Profile

Update your profile with your personal information.

  • First Name and Last Name must be spelled in Latin, according to your travel document. If your name is Katherine Smith in the passport, the fields should be filled out accordingly. Refrain from using shortened versions such as Kate Smith, Katy Smith, or any other forms. If your First Name and/or Last Name are written with accents, please refrain from including the accents. For example, if according to your passport your name is spelled Tomáš Železný fill out the respective fields without the accents as follows: Tomas Zelezny
  • Primary Phone – please include your cell phone number, including country code. For example for a phone number in Austria that would be +43 (country code) 676253145.
  • It is sufficient to list your address under Street Address Line 1 only. Include street name, house number, and apartment number. Use Latin letters.
  • The name of the city/town/village needs to be listed separately in the corresponding field.
  • State/Province field may be tricky. It will be generated based on the Country listed earlier. You can double-click on this field to see the suggested options and select the corresponding one.
  • Zip/postal code needs to be included as well.
  • Your email in the profile must be your student email address provided by TCM
  • Preferred Locale language is the language in which you want the portal to be displayed. However at this stage, only English is available.
  • Fill out your Birth Date, Gender, Marital Status, and Citizenship accordingly.
  • If you have multiple citizenships, be aware that the course registration fees, letter of invitation to support your travel to courses held in Austria, and other student services are arranged and provided based on the listed citizenship.
  • Limitation and Special Needs is an important section that allows you to list any special limitations that are important when planning your housing, course assistance, and such. If for example, you have a leg prosthesis this is the place to list that so that we can provide corresponding assistance and arrangements.
  • If you have any limitations, please select Yes and then list the exact need in the Special Needs field in English.
  • Under Educational Degrees, update the field by checking the corresponding boxes.
  • Research Resources asks for information about libraries in your proximity. For example, the Library University of Vienna, 30 km, Personal library.
  • Languages in which you can academically read and write – check languages in which you can take a course without the need for translation.

For example for profiles with Hungarian, English, and Romanian checked, the system will suggest courses in either of these languages. If you do have command of Polish but are not able to take a course (read the course materials, participate in written and oral discussion and write course papers) do not check this language here.

After you fill out all the fields on this page click Save at the bottom of the page.

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