Admitted TCM student

Go to the Student Management System (SMS) to review your program requirements and check the courses available for registration in the current academic year. Use your e-mail address to log in to the SMS:

Not a TCM student yet

TCM is offering the opportunity for non-TCM students to attend a trial course. There are two options: to audit a course or take it for credit. Those who are interested in taking a course for credit (receiving a grade) must register no later than 2 months before the face-to-face part of the course.  Audits may register up to 1 month before the face-to-face part of the course. A maximum of two courses is offered to the non-TCM students.

To take a trial course:

For questions about the registration please contact [email protected]

How to cancel your course participation

When you cannot participate in a course for which you are registered you need to go to your Student Summary and cancel your registration:

Late cancellation fees may apply.

Registered students who do not show up in class will be graded according to the submitted assignments.