RE 601 Integrated Reflection

All admitted students (Certificate, MA and MDiv) are required to complete an assessment which was designed to encourage two critical components of the learning cycle – Reflection and Application. 

The purpose of the Integrated Reflection is to measure the progress of the student on an annual basis until graduation. The annual surveys will give the student and TCM an indication of the student’s ability to transfer his/her learning during the TCM experience to the contextual area of ministry or activities in disciple-making.

The Integrated Reflection consists of:

  1. An annual Self-Evaluation; 
  2. An annual one-page Annual Reflection paper (Word or PDF file) of his/her thoughts on the year in ministry.
  3. An annual Survey taken by individuals (4 reviewers) who are impacted by the student’s place of service and disciple-making.
  4. The Final Integrated Reflection Paper (To be done only in the last year of studies)

Below are the pertinent links:

  1. For TCM students: Student Self-Evaluation and Annual Reflection
    • The Student Self-Evaluation form requires to have the Annual Reflection file (Word or PDF) ready to upload.
  2. A Sample paper of the Annual Reflection
  3. For reviewers of TCM students: Annual Survey
  4. A Sample Paper of the Final Integrated Reflection.

It is highly recommended that Students pass the RE 500 Research Methods course for the Certificate and MA, or RE 600 for M.Div. in order to successfully complete the Integrated Reflection.

To have a more comprehensive understanding of the RE 601 Integrated Reflection requirements, please read the Integrated Reflection Handbook.