Master of Arts

The purpose of the forty-eight (48) credit hour degree is to enhance leadership by providing a broad-based interdisciplinary educational program for a career in Christian leadership in a variety of settings. Careers may include vocational ministry, business, organizational leadership, or not-for-profit organizations. The degree is designed for those holding a college or university diploma in any discipline.

Master of Divinity

Eighty-four (84) credit hours are required for the completion of the Master of Divinity degree. The purpose of this degree is to enhance skills of career pastors and Christian leaders working primarily in churches, as well as those students who may be seeking advanced degree options, often for careers in higher education.


TCM’s twenty-four (24) credit hour certificate is a non-degree educational program that provides students an opportunity to enhance their skills in Christian leadership. It is designed for pastors, elders, teachers, and other Christian leaders seeking to continue their education and/or pursue a degree by providing foundational classes for academic credit.