Developing Christian Leaders for Significant Service

TCM provides these national missionaries the missing piece:  Advance training to keep head, heart, hands, and feet advancing in Kingdom directions with increasing levels of competence and effectiveness; knowledge, practical and spiritual competencies to out-think, out-serve, out-love, and out-last the enemy.

This training produces exponential results – it explodes from good to great, from addition to multiplication.  A Ukrainian business man builds a mega-church which fields missionaries and plants churches.  A Moldovan preacher starts a Bible College sending hundreds of young leaders into ministry.  An Estonian educator becomes an international leader in ethics and leadership training.  Leaders from limited access countries lead Bible studies and churches in very difficult circumstances.

They are godly men and women already serving in heroic ways, often in difficult circumstances with meager financial resources.  They are asking for training to serve Christ better, offering what they have: national networks, language and cross-cultural influences, proven track records of service, bi-vocational, self-support, lifetime commitment to their countries, and much more.  They are leaders already sanctioned by their countries, churches and cultures.


  • Transparency and accountability through valid performance measures.
  • Open, honest and clear communications with all constituencies.
  • Exemplary increase and wise stewardship of all resources.
  • Mature leadership by qualified directors, faculty, and staff.
  • Continual institutional, professional, and personal learning and growth.
  • Practical teaching and research to advance the mission and vision.
  • Dedicated service for and by graduates, students, and donors.
  • Healthy initiatives and partnerships which actively keep in place long-term national leaders who are independent and self-supporting.

TCM Institute does not discriminate in regard to age, race, sex, physical handicap, or denominational affiliation.