Shared Mailboxes in Outlook

Shared mailboxes allow you to share a common Outlook Inbox between multiple people. This is useful when you need a publicly accessible email address that multiple people can check. You can added shared inboxes to both the Outlook app and Outlook on the web.

Outlook App on Windows

  1. Open the Folder Drawer
  2. Right Click the Shared Mailbox you want to add as a favorite
  3. Click Add to Favorites
  4. View the Shared Mailbox in the favorites list

Outlook on Mac

  1. Click on File in the Menu Bar
  2. Go to Open and then Shared Mailbox
  3. Type the name of the Shared Mailbox and then Add
  4. View the Shared Mailbox in the sidebar

Outlook on the Web

  1. Right Click on Folders in the Sidebar
  2. Click add Shared Folder
  3. Type the name of the shared mailbox
  4. Click Add
  5. The shared mailbox will show up in your sidebar below your personal inbox

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