Regional Rep – Record Individual Payments

As Regional Representative you may record individual student payments, this is useful when recording:

  • due past payments
  • payments for online classes
  • payments for classes held at other mentoring centers
  • payments for other items(books, services, software etc.)

Steps to record a payment:

  1. Sign in and go to Regional Representative Menu
  2. Open My Constituents (by default you will see Active and Degree Seeking only students, if you need to see audits or inactive please use the right filters)
  3. Find the student you need by using the filter option in the “Name” column
  4. Click on their institution ID(this is a link that will take you to their profile).
  5. Open Enrollment History Tab
  6. See class or classes they need to pay for
  7. Open the class roster
  8. Find their name and click on Payment Options
  9. Confirm Class Payment(make sure you read the confirmation message)

Open The Main Menu

Open My Constituents Menu

Find the person you need by Navigating through the table

  1. Find the right name
  2. See if there are unpaid fees
  3. See the amount
  4. Click on their ID to open the profile

If the list is large you may search for the name you need by

  1. Clicking on filter icon next to column name
  2. Selecting “contains” in the first text box
  3. Typing part or fully the needed name or last name
  4. Clicking Apply

This will filter the table and show only desired names

Click on the ID Link – it will take you to their profile

Open Enrollment History and find the Class or Classes the need to pay for.

  1. Open “Enrollment History”
  2. Find a class that they need to pay for
  3. “Is Paid” will be orange and and have a value of “No”
  4. Click on Class Code

Open the Class Roster and Record the payment

  1. Find the needed student
  2. Payments column will have a link for “Payment Options”, click on it
  3. Click on Acknowledge Class Payment and Confirm

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