Transitioning from Google to Microsoft

In 2022, TCM International Institute made the decision to transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. After September 12, 2022, Google services like Gmail will no longer work and you will need to begin using Microsoft services. TCM will keep an archive of Google Workspace until July 1, 2023 but then it will be completely inaccessible after that. After the Microsoft 365 launch, you should make sure your email and files transferred from Google to Microsoft and use the archived Google Services to retrieve anything that may have been missed. If you have been using the TCM Google Workspace, this is how Google Workspace compares to Microsoft 365. You will need to use Microsoft 365 services after Microsoft has been launched.

Microsoft 365Google Workspace
WordGoogle Docs
ExcelGoogle Sheets
PowerPointGoogle Slides
OneDrive/SharePointGoogle Drive
TeamsGoogle Chat/Google Meet
OneNoteGoogle Keep

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