Microsoft Teams for Students

Microsoft Teams is an alternative to Moodle for the online portion of your class. If your course is scheduled to use Teams instead of Moodle, you can expect to use Teams in the following ways:

  • Use Teams as a replacement for Moodle forums
  • Submit and receive assignments in Teams
  • View your grades during the course in Teams
  • Receive course content via Teams either in the Class Notebook, via Channel posts (similar to Moodle Forums), or under the Files tab
  • View the course syllabus in Teams
  • Communicate with the professor via Teams
  • Communicate with peers in your course via Teams
  • Auto-translate chat posts from the professor/students in the course

Your course will be listed in Moodle with a direct link that will open your course in Microsoft Teams. Your professor will post information in the General Channel of the course to let you know what to expect and where to find all of the class information you will need. If you need help with your Course in Microsoft Teams, please submit a support ticket and a TCM Support Staff Member will assist you. Please watch the following short videos before submitting a request.

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