Academic Summary

Academic Summary

In order to check your academic progress and see your academic summary, click on the Summary page under the Academic section on the left side of the SMS.

Academic Summary is found on this page.

On top find your Student ID and your name.

Navigate through the tabs for various information.

Program Outcome

Click on the name of your program to get the complete overview.

Program outcome offers an overview of all courses taken, waived, transferred, or currently in progress.

Academic History & Adjustments

Click on each field to open the sections as needed. This page presents your academic progress as follows:

In-Progress Registration – includes courses you are currently registered for.

Degree Audit Class Recommendation – this is where the system suggests courses based on the current schedule and your profile settings. In order for the system to suggest relevant courses, make sure you update your profile in SMS.

Academic History – lists all completed courses with grades.

Multi-Use Adjustments – in case you have been enrolled in several programs, this section shows how certain courses are used for different degree programs (if any). This section is used for current MA students who have previously completed the Certificate.

Waiver Adjustments – any credit given for previous studies is shown in this section.

Degree Audit – this section is the new Requirement List. The table shows your program requirements and marks your progress based on the completed courses.

Degree Audit Course Usage – shows all courses that are counted in the degree audit. Some courses taken might not count towards program completion, but will be shown here.

If your degree audit does not reflect the latest changes, adjustments ,or recommended courses ensure you Refresh Degree Audit Info.

Refreshing all rules will take time based your program advancement.

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