Outstanding Fee

”No subsequent courses may be taken until the student has paid any outstanding (past due) fees.” (TCM Catalog)

  • You may pay an outstanding fee to a Regional Representative
  • You may use the available PayPal option to pay
  • If none of the above options are available to you please email [email protected]

In order to pay an outstanding fee you have to login to the SMS and:

  1. Expand the Academic menu
  2. Click on summary
  3. Open the Account Receivable tab
  4. Click on the Effective balance and follow payment options
  5. Done

Academic Summary

Once you login to the SMS

  1. Expand the Academic Menu
  2. Click on Summary

Account Receivable

On the Summary page

  1. Click on the Account Receivable tab
  2. If there is an USD or EUR outstanding fee is will show in red, you may then click on the Effective Balance amount and use one of the payment options available to pay.

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