How to Video Lecture with YouTube

What is a YouTube Playlist?

A YouTube Playlist is simply a collection of videos organized by a main idea. Using YouTube playlists are more complicated than simply uploading videos to Moodle but can provide some benefits for those who want to use this advanced technique. Often, a 30 minute lecture will be comprised of several ideas that make up the main idea of a lecture. A YouTube Playlist can be thought of as several 5-7 minute videos of ideas that make up a main idea. It’s extra work to break up a lecture like this, but if you do, you can target specific parts of a lecture during different sections of your class.

For example, in a lecture about the Meta Narrative of scripture, you might use the ideas Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus, and New Creation. Instead of one long 35 minute lecture, you can break down the lecture into five 7 minute videos and add them to a chronological playlist.

The linked playlist here is a great example of lecturing via video via this method. The playlist is made up of several short videos on using Microsoft products as educational technology.

How to signup for a YouTube Account

You will need a Google account to signup for YouTube. You can use an existing Google account or create a new one.

After you’ve created your account, you can visit and begin uploading videos there.

How to upload videos

Videos can be uploaded using the upload/create video button at the top right of the youtube website. Look for the video camera button. You will need to create a channel before uploading videos (YouTube will automatically walk you through this).

How to organize videos into a playlist

Playlists can be created in YouTube Studio by clicking Playlists, and then clicking new playlist at the top of the page.

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