How to use Zotero

The following video is a beginners introduction to Zotero that shows you how to use download, install, and use Zotero for your referencing and citation needs.

Video Chapters

Use the following video chapter links to skip to different portions of the video that meets your needs (links will take you directly to YouTube).

00:00 Intro
00:23 How to download and install Zotero
01:23 Overview of Zotero
02:48 Manually adding references to Zotero
03:38 Adding references with an identifier
04:54 Adding references with the Zotero Connector
05:28 How to remove duplicate references
06:01 How to create collections (folders)
06:49 How to add tags
07:46 How to add related references
08:11 How to add notes
08:32 How to use Zotero in Microsoft Word
11:12 How to add/edit citation styles
12:19 Wrapping up


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