News and Reminders – May 2015

It is expected that all Certificate students read the Student Handbook as soon as they are admitted to the study program and consult the subsequent new editions of the handbook for updates.

Also it is strongly recommended that students become familiar with the campus and house regulations prior to attending a class session at Haus Edelweiss. Please consult the Student Housing Handbook.

  • A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required in order to graduate from the Certificate program.
  • PT 600 Research Methods is a mandatory core course and needs to be taken at the beginning of the Certificate program (one of the first three courses). It is offered both as a hybrid and a fully online course.
  • Not all courses in the curriculum are suitable for the Certificate program, please do not register for the following courses if you are pursuing Certificate studies:

1.   BS 542 New Testament Backgrounds

2.   BS 610 Hebrew Tools

3.   BS 622 Old Testament Theology

4.   BS 630 Greek Tools

5.   BS/ST 643 New Testament Theology

6.   BS/ST 644 New Testament Eschatology

7.   ST 616 Worldviews and Cults

8.   ST 650 Current Issues in Theology

9.   BS/HT/ST 690 courses

  •  Please make sure you send us your feedback regarding the course, study program and library by completing and submitting the online evaluation forms that are available on each Moodle course. We offer multiple language versions of the evaluation forms, please choose the appropriate form.