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TCM Institute is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC) in the United States. 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411

TCM Accreditation is generally valid in most of the European Countries. If you apply to TCM International Institute with a state recognized BA Diploma, your MA or MDiv TCM diploma will be eligible for nostrification in your country. If the above is not true for your diploma, then you have to ask your national Ministry of Education or a local State University.

Any prospective student may take two TCM International Institute courses, following the course registration procedure, before a formal application commitment.

Credit for these two courses can be given to the student only when the following 3 conditions are met:

  • All class assignments, reading, and the exam are completed and a final passing grade is given to the student by the professor.
  • A completed application has been submitted to the Austrian TCM office within 12 months of taking the course.
  • The applicant has been officially admitted into one the TCM Institute degree programs by the Admissions Committee.

Courses are taught  as a hybrid model, that is 80% of the course is taught online and 20% is completed at a Mentoring Center.  Yes, you may complete courses in other countries. But you must contact the Regional Representative for specific information including housing, transportation, and must have valid travel documents like passport and visa.

Registration is mandatory, you will not be allowed to take the course without prior registration. Registration instructions are under Academic on the website.

Students who do not have validated bachelor’s degrees may take courses and apply to complete the Certificate Program. A validated seminary degree is not a prerequisite for admission to the Master’s programs.

All admitted students are issued a student ID and a student e-mail address. If you have taken a course before but did not apply for Admission, you are not a TCM student.

If you are an admitted student, use your student e-mail to register for courses. Registration is done online. Follow the links for registration in the Schedules or here.

If you are not yet a student but you would like to become one, we encourage you to take a course first. In this case, contact for instructions.

Registration refers to procedure of signing up for a course by filling out the registration form. Registration form for admitted students can be found on the schedule page also on the detailed registration information page. If you are not a TCM student yet, contact

Admission refers to the procedure of sending your application package to TCM in order to become a TCM student. Admission instructions are to be found on the website under Admissions.

Upon admission, students receive a Requirement List that shows the courses they need to take for a specific program. You can see the Requirement Lists for the current year as well as for previous years on the Catalogs and Handbooks page.  Your personal Requirement list is always available in you TCM Google Drive account under Shared with me files.

Review your Requirement List, then go to the schedule and check the available courses in your country or at other Mentoring Centers that you can travel to. Then fill out the registration form accordingly.

The Requirement List includes courses sorted by categories. For each category of courses a set number of courses is required. After you receive a grade, your Requirement List is updated by the Academic Office. You can see what other courses you need in order to fulfill the requirements for your program of study.

One of the first courses you must take is PT 600 Research Methods. There is no other special order that courses need to be taken.

For more details contact the Registrar